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April 20, 2016
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Elaine Miles, Jerrie Libby, Liz Cervantes and Dysfunctional Sutter County Republican Central Committee


This is a very long due to the amount of information addressing numerous reported lies and false accusations made by malevolent, self-serving people elected to, and currently seated on, the Sutter County Republican Central Committee who influence local Republicans, the Califoria Republican Party, other organizations, and elected public office holders.


The first Sutter County Republican Central Committee (SCRCC) meeting Larry and Carla Virga (my husband and I) attended was in 2010 at Karna Boyer's house. Jerrie Libby was Chairman (2009-2010). Shortly after arriving, Larry and I overheard Elaine Miles, SCRCC's Treasurer, whisper to Jerrie, “Watch out. They are with the Tea Party.”


This was bewildering, since Elaine was also “with the Tea Party."  In fact, she and her husband Noal, Larry, and I were four of ten co-founders of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party.  Had we misunderstood?


Yuba-Sutter Tea Party.  We were "members" of the Yuba-Sutter Tea Party (YSTP), on whose behalf I purchased and developed a website and paid for domain names. [Since there are no membership forms or dues, "member" is a loose term applied to anyone who provides his or her name and contact information on the group's website or at a meeting.]


John Larimer, an attorney and YSTP member, wrote a published letter to the editor of the Appeal-Democrat and was receiving negative feedback online. I sent a notice to members signed up on the site asking them to go online and respond.  Without contacting me, the YSTP board held an emergency meeting regarding my “unauthorized” communication and voted to take the website from me.  I never needed authorization to post anything on the website and never before used the feature to send messages to members signed up on the site.  No one on the board said anything to me.  Instead, they held a secret emergency meeting and locked me out of the web site.  Since YSTP had not reimbursed me for the site and domain names, they stole my property.  (Months later, I was reimbursed for the site.)


I informed the YSTP Chairman I would be bringing the theft up at the next public meeting. He canceled the meeting. I informed him since we had handed out flyers at the Yuba-Sutter Fair for the meeting to be held at Gary's Place and it was impossible to contact everyone who received a flyer, I and others were going to Gary's Place at the scheduled time.  When we arrived, the manager stated we could not meet there.  They had received a telephone call warning we were going to cause trouble.  Assured we were not there to cause any trouble, the manager allowed us to stay.  Dick Boundy, one of YSTP's board members attended and sat quietly watching and listening as we greeted and explained why the meeting was canceled to about ten people who showed up for the YSTP meeting.


I confronted the YSTP board at the next public meeting and had vocal support of others, including at least one who was extremely angry at showing up at Gary's Place to a canceled meeting the month before. The Yuba-Sutter Tea Party chairman and a few members yelled, "If you don't like how we operate, leave."  Those of us who wanted to do more than just meet once a month to listen to reports from board members, decide where to hold the next meeting, and march in parades left. 


Sutter Buttes Tea Party.  At the insistence of Bob van Oosterhout, ten of us who left YSTP and who met every Friday morning for Tom’s Conservative Coffee Call – Thomas Shurtz, Don Kessel, Bob Van Oosterhout, Jim Seif, Elaine and Noal Miles, Helena Shoup and her husband Gary McCabe, and Larry and I – cofounded the Sutter Buttes Tea Party (SBTP).  Larry was elected Coordinator; Thomas Shurtz, Assistant Coordinator; me, Secretary; Jim Seif, Treasurer; and the others, ad hoc (advisory) members. Our first Sutter Buttes Tea Party public meeting was September 1, 2010, and included other YSTP members.


I created a web site for the Sutter Buttes Tea Party.   Bill Beeler was added to the Steering Committee in November 2010.   Don resigned May 15, 2011, with the following (cut and pasted) statement:


This last bout with fibrillation and my increasing lack of energy has made me come to realize that I can no longer participate as actively as I have in the past. Would you please remove me as a Steering Committee Member. I believe that Ralph would be a good replacement. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to consistently provide photographic support as I have in the past. I will still consider myself as a SBTP member and will support the SBTP as much as I can.


At Bob van Oosterhout’s recommendation, Debra Gaylord was elected to replace Don. Bob resigned August 14, 2011, with the following (cut and pasted) statement:


It is with regret that I am resigning from our SBTP Steering Comity. After our last visit to our home in Texas (That is the NEW country that adopted me) I decided that I have to spend more time there, to get the things done that need doing. My recommendation for a replacement, not that I can be replaced, is Mike Geraldo. He is a great asset to SBTP, and I think to the Steering Commitee. Also, I want all of you to know what a great job y'all have done to get SBTP where it is today. Please stay the course, our Country needs it and YOU.


As Bob recommended, Mike Geraldo was elected to replace him.


The twice-monthly Sutter Buttes Tea Party Steering Committee meetings became increasingly tense with Helena, one of the best, most active workers on the Committee who took any suggestion from Larry as criticism and any request from him as an order.  For instance, Larry asked Helena to pick up an elderly woman on her way to our meetings and drop her off on her way home.  While we were cleaning up after a meeting, I asked Helena, "Where is Joanna?" She hatefully responded, "The bitch can wait in the car."  (She later claimed Larry "made" her transport Joanna.  Anyone who knows Helena knows nobody makes her do anything.)


Debra Gaylord resigned to work on a political campaign. Due to increasing tension and infighting, I tendered my resignation June 5, 2012. Bill Beeler informed me, “You are playing right into their hands.” He explained Helena told him she and Elaine were going to get rid of Larry and me and needed his vote. Mike Geraldo told us the same thing. I immediately rescinded my resignation.


Without a vote from Bill or Mike, the Shadow Committee lost. Confronted at the next Steering Committee meeting, Helena stated Elaine told her to ask Mike and Bill to vote against us. Elaine denied it. Helena and Gary quit attending SBTP meetings.  Helena and Elaine remained friends. 


Jim Seif resigned a couple months later, writing, "It's Larry's way or the highway." Twice, I emailed asking what he meant and to please provide just one example. He did not respond to either. Elaine took over as temporary treasurer and reported Jim "just dropped off" all the financial records and checkbook on her porch. She complained the records were a mess, requiring hours of her time to put them right.


In an email dated June 17, 2012, Don Kessel wrote to me:


You and Larry have been the backbone of the Tea Party and I can’t express enough my gratitude for both of you dedicating so much of your time and effort in facilitating the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots group.


Elaine, Helena, Gary, Jim, Don and his wife, and others continued attending Tom’s Friday morning Conservative Coffee Calls. When in town, Bob van Oosterhout would sometimes join them, which might explain why he sent an email to me that began with, "Since you don't want anything to do with me....."  Repeated email asking what he meant went unanswered. 


Bill, Mike, Larry, and I had quit attending Tom's Friday breakfasts where Helena and Gary regularly attended and Elaine and Jim sometimes attended.  We started our own stress-free breakfast group that now meets at the Dancing Tomato every Saturday morning with anywhere from 15 to 30 at one big table.  Tom joined us occasionally until his lengthy illness and passing.


New Steering Committee members were added -- a new treasurer recommended by Elaine in May 2013 and Gail Thompson in August 2013.


Larry and I learned we had correctly overheard Elaine when she told Jerrie to watch out for us because we are Tea Party upon reading a letter dated January 13, 2013, by former Sutter County Republican Central Committee Chairman Clay Maynard who wrote, in part:


When Jerrie Libby was Chair of the SCRCC, she was seriously concerned that the Tea Party would take over the local Republican Party. In an email dated December 22, 2009, she said, “As I see it right now, the Tea Party group will just divide and conquer the Republican Party – something that the Dems and Obama really want to have happen. We must be very careful.


In an email dated February 3, 2010, Libby said, “Article IX, section 3 states that ANY member that advocates voting for persons of another party, including the “Tea Party” is subject to possible removal. We need to look into this.“


At that time, a couple of the SCRCC members were active in Tea Party organizations. Libby considered them a possible threat and was considering her options for removing them.


Jerrie Libby started attending Sutter Buttes Tea Party meetings November 7, 2011, and regularly attended until August 4, 2014 (the day her very good friend Elaine Miles vandalized my car).


In early 2012, Sutter County Republican Central Committee and Sutter Buttes Tea Party members Elaine Miles, Thomas Shurtz, Bob Mackensen, Jerrie Libby, and Don Kessel and Republicans from other counties urged Larry and me to become members of SCRCC to help fix the perpetually dysfunctional Central Committee. Clay Maynard was Chairman (2011-2012).


Jerrie Libby, Elaine Miles, Bob Mackensen, and Chuck and Pat Miller -- long-time Sutter County Taxpayers Association (SCTA) members, and Larry and I -- new SCTA members -- were elected to the Sutter County Republican Central Committee in the June 2012 primary.  Shortly after being elected to the Central Committee, I received a confidential email from a re-elected member stating, in part:


The trio above [Elaine, Jerrie and Bob] do not, however, in my opinion, deserve to be returned to that leadership. They have been integral to the problems, not in offering solutions to them.


Since Elaine, Jerrie, Bob, Larry, and I were all members of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party, Sutter County Taxpayers Association, and Sutter-Yuba Republican Women Federated (SYRWF), Larry and I dismissed the warning.  We voted for Jerrie Libby for Chairman.  She lost.  We voted for Jerrie for 1st Vice Chairman.  It was a tie.  Jerrie lost the coin toss and was sworn in as 2nd VP.


Sutter-Yuba Republican Women Federated.  For several years, I was the newsletter editor for the Sutter-Yuba Republican Women Federated.  At my urging and to my delight, Jerrie Libby, Elaine Miles, Pat Miller, Taischa Thiara, and Liz Cervantes joined SYRWF. Upon my recommendation, Elaine Miles was appointed Parliamentarian.


In 2013, Larry, Elaine, Dottie van Eckhardt (SYRWF Recording and Membership Secretary and Chair of Achievement Awards, Bylaws, Literacy Program, Sponsors, Sunshine, and Website), and I worked on the Sutter County Naturalization Ceremony Committee.  Mrs. van Eckhardt worked to get Angel Diaz, the Chairman of the local Democrat Party to chair the non-partisan Naturalization Ceremony.  (Mr. Diaz was a member of the Sutter County Republican Central Committee one year and Chairman of the Democrat Central Committee the following year.)  Mrs. van Eckhardt was SYRWF's Naturalization Ceremony Chairman and gave her report to the SYRWF Board that conveniently omitted the facts 1) the Democrat Party Chair would be the emcee at the Naturalization Ceremony; and ) she was instrumental in his selection.  Elaine tried to inform the Board at a Board meeting at Dottie's home, but Dottie and the SYRWF president stopped all comments on the topic.  I walked out of the meeting in disgust and wrote an article, “Politically Non Political,” which was published on Pg. 9 of the September 11, 2013, issue of the Territorial Dispatch.  I subsequenty resigned as the Newsletter Editor and from SYRWF.


Dottie immediately added Newsletter Editor to her many titles.  According to Elaine, Dottie tried to increase the membership fees of all the members, claiming an increase was necessary to cover increased newsletter costs.  (The probable truth is more members of the board were attending conventions at the expense of the club rather than the club just paying for the president to attend as in the past.)  I provided Elaine with copies of my billings, showing the costs while I was the editor, which proved the costs had plummeted, not risen.  The membership fees were not increased.

Due to coaxing by my new dear friend, Liz Cervantes (who considers Elaine Miles to be her second mother), I rejoined the Sutter-Yuba Republican Women.  Elaine informed me Dottie was beside herself.  May 3, 2014, I received an invitation from SYRWF President Coleen Weckman for a meeting with the Board "to discuss the contents of your email to Ryan Schohr and the SYRWF Board members.  I hope you are able to join us, so we can resolve your concerns."   Expecting an inquest, I asked Elaine, the Parliamentarian and my friend, to accompany me.  President Colene began the meeting by informing me a complaint was filed against me that I violated SYRWF Bylaws when I said something negative about another member (the Territorial Dispatch article about Dottie van Eckhardt).  Since there was no such Bylaw at the time -- a fact one would expect the Board members would have known before wasting their time and mine -- I successfully cleared myself when given the opportunity to speak.  Elaine later told me two people filed the complaint -- one was Dottie van Eckhardt (who was not present at the meeting) and typical Elaine, she refused to name the other accuser.  Liz Cervantes later told me the other accuser was Marcia Myers. 


Dottie and Elaine subsequently revised the Bylaws to forbid any member from saying anything negative about another member.  The members passed the revision, denying themselves freedom of speech.  This new Bylaw ensures that if any member files a police report or testifies against another member, she will be subject to expulsion from the Sutter-Yuba Republican Women.

Sutter County Republican Central Committee, Sutter-Yuba Republican Women, and Sutter Buttes Tea Party Teamwork


Members of the Sutter County Republican Central Committee and Sutter Buttes Tea Party worked together and got more Tea Party members on the Central Committee. In March 2014, we were a cohesive, happy group:



Sutter County Republican Central Committee Members with CA Gubernatorial Candidate Assemblyman Tim Donnelly at SCRCC 2014 Lincoln Day Dinner

(L-R) Back row: Taisha Thiara, Noal Miles Elaine Miles, Pat Miller, Mike Geraldo (guest), Jay Grassell, Jerrie Libby, Ken DeVore, Danielle Terry, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Liz Cervantes, Carla Virga, Assemblyman Dahle, Larry Virga, Assemblyman Gallagher; Front Row: Chuck Miller, Chairman Sarb Takhar, Kimberly Ross Pollard, Thomas Burns.



MAY 2012 2014 2015
1 1 Jerrie Libby   Jerrie Libby   Jerrie Libby
1 2 Robert Klotz  

Elaine Miles

Alt - Debra Gaylord


Elaine Miles

1 3

Robert Mackensen

Alt-Elaine Miles


Robert Mackensen

Alt - Noal Miles


Robert Mackensen

Alt - Noal Miles

1 4 Thomas Shurtz   Thomas Burns   Thomas Burns
2 1

Karna Boyer

Alt-Debra Gaylord


Gail Thompson

Alt-Karna Boyer


Gail Thompson

Alt-Karna Boyer

2 2 Dr. Jay Grassell   Dr. Jay Grassell   Dr. Jay Grassell
2 3    

Larry Mertz

Alt-Becky Bowen


Larry Mertz

Alt-Becky Bowen

3 1 Clay Maynard  

Pat Miller

Alt-Kristie Ormosen


Pat Miller

Alt-Kristie Ormosen

3 2 Thomas Ross   Danielle Terry   Danielle Terry
3 3 Sarbjit Takhar   Sarbjit Takhar   Sarbjit Takhar
3 4 Marilyn Maynard  

Chuck Miller

Alt-Dan Ormosen


Chuck Miller

Alt-Dan Ormosen

3 5 Glenn Barrett   Taischa Thiara   Taischa Thiara
3 6 Vacant  

Kim Ross-Pollard

Alt-Truth Snow


Kim Ross-Pollard

Alt-Truth Snow

4 1 Larry Garvin   Matt Osterli   Matt Osterli
4 2 Stephen Elliott   Larry Virga   Larry Virga
4 3 Inderpaul Chohan   Jason Rikard   Jason Rikard- moved
4 4 Vacant  

Carla Virga

Alt-Tammie Rikard


Carla Virga – EXPELLED

Alt-Tammie Rikard - moved

4 5 Vacant        
5 1 Vaughn Minnix   Vaughn Minnix   Vaughn Minnix
5 2 Kennith DeVore   Ken DeVore   Ken DeVore - resigned
5 3 Tara Brocker   Zac Repka   Zac Repka
5 4 Trace DeNormandie  

Trace DeNormandie

Alt-Carl Cervantes


Trace DeNormandie

Alt-Carl Cervantes

5 5 Vacant   Liz Cervantes   Liz Cervantes

3 of 18 Members

2 Alternates

5 SBTP Members

15 of 21 Members

05 Alternates

20 SBTP Members

3 of 20 Members

1 Alternate

4 SBTP Members






The harmony and teamwork between the Sutter Buttes Tea Party and Sutter County Republican Central Committee came to an end after I confided in late March 2014 to my good friend Elaine that: 1) Larry and I were each going to appoint new friends, SBTP members, as our alternates; and 2) Larry was considering running for SCRCC Chair in December 2014.


Five minutes before the next Sutter County Republican Central Committee meeting, April 4, Elaine pulled me aside and informed me the two Tea Party members Larry and I were going to appoint as our alternates were ineligible for membership.  (They had recently moved and not yet updated their voter registrations.  One was registered Independant, not Republican; and they weren't registered in our district.)  The issues were easily rectified by 8:20 the next morning and would easily have been rectified prior to the meeting if Elaine, Jerrie, and Chairman Sarb Takhar had not deliberately withheld the registration issues until the meeting.  Instead, they claimed an urgent need for a "Membership Committee," to be chaired by Jerrie Libby, with unspecified criteria and no time frames.  Elaine and the board convinced manipulated the majority of members to surrender the vetting and approval of new members to Jerrie Libby's new Membership Committee with no rules. 


Due to the enmity and lack of discussion, reminiscent of Elaine’s Shadow Committee that unsuccessfully tried to wrest control of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party -- which would have destroyed it, it became apparent the Central Committee also had its own Shadow Committee making decisions prior to bringing issues before the entire membership for a vote.  When I asked Secretary Liz Cervantes for Minutes of the Board meetings, she informed me the Board never held a meeting.  Chairman Takhar was furious when I asked the Committee via email why the Board never met.  He demanded to know who told me.  I didn't give up my source.  Liz admitted she told me.  Remembering Elaine had told me Sarb included her several times when the board met, his furor was understandable.  He was in a no-win, precarious position. 


Since vetting and approval by a Membership Committee were not enumerated requirements for membership in the Sutter County Republican Central Committee's Bylaws, I filed a formal written complaint.  Formal complaints are adjudicated by the Bylaws Committee, which is Chaired by... Elaine Miles.  Although the Bylaws Committee ruled the Bylaws were not violated, Elaine presented a revision to the Bylaws to include vetting and approval by the Membership Committee as an enumerated requirement for membership. The Bylaws were being revised to address the new CA law which increased Central Committee terms from two years to four years, coinciding with presidential primaries.  Terms for board members were two years.  Some of us wanted it written in the Bylaws to keep the two-year terms for board members.  Elaine convinced the majority the two-year-term election in December did not need to be written into the Bylaws, and the members were promised the December election would be held.  Elaine complained she was tired of working on the Bylaws and the length of time it was taking to pass the revisions.  Over objections, the motion to approve the Bylaw revisions as presented passed by one vote from a member who later stated he voted to approve the Bylaws due to the promise of the December election.


Larry nominated his alternate to fill a vacancy in our district.  Elaine insisted on a secret ballot.  She was visibly shaking after our nominee was elected.  In telephone conversations, Bob Mackensen and Gail Thompson separately informed Larry that Elaine had called and asked them to vote against his nominee.  Bob emphatically stated, “We will NOT allow YOU to take over the Central Committee!”  Gail recanted and stated Elaine never asked her to vote against our nominee.  She either lied when she said Elaine did, or she lied when she said Elaine didn't.


When asked at a Sutter County Republican Central Committee meeting about the upcoming December election for new board members, Elaine deceived the members to keep them from voting whether they wanted to stay with the current Chairman or select someone else when she falsely advised them an election in December for board members would be illegal.  The majority went along with her, Jerrie Libby, Sarb Takhar, and Liz Cervantes.


The divisiveness on the Sutter County Republican Central Committee spilled over onto the Sutter Buttes Tea Party. 


A few of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Steering Committee members were always extremely helpful at every meeting, but Larry and I became overwhelmed with all the responsibilities we had taken upon ourselves since SBTP was founded.   He threatened to resign as Chairman if other members didn't step up and help. Elaine and Noal got up and walked out of the meeting. Every other Steering Committee member voluntarily took on set responsibilities, unburdening us of several necessary tasks at every meeting -- set up, signage, audio-visual equipment, refreshments, snacks, ice, merchandise purchases and displays, Invocation, and clean up.


SBTP Steering Committee meetings became increasingly divisive and contentious with:


1) a meeting where Elaine was caught lying about me and confronted;

2) a meeting where Elaine rose out of her chair to hit me and was stopped by another member; and

3) a public meeting where Elaine and Gail Thompson created public scenes.  Elaine was taken outside until she calmed down.


Due to the infighting, a few of our very good, helpful Sutter Buttes Tea Party Steering Committee members were going to quit. Instead, on July 29, 2014, Elaine and Noal Miles and Gail Thompson were expelled from the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Steering Committee for their increasing hostilities that were negatively impacting the Sutter Buttes Tea Party.


Five days later, August 4, 2014, just before the next Sutter Buttes Tea Party's public meeting was to begin, Elaine Miles, motivated by anger and revenge, vandalized the car of the Chairman and Secretary (Larry and me, respectively) by pouring nail polish across the trunk. 


Over a period of 20-30 minutes, four witnesses saw Elaine standing alone behind my car (no doubt waiting until there was no witness to the crime she was about to commit). Mike Geraldo was waiting to greet guests as they arrived and was looking out the reflective windows (through which Elaine could not see him) and saw Elaine "pour something" across the trunk of my car.




Mike opened the door and yelled, "HEY, I saw what you just did!" Bill Beeler immediately looked through the reflective window toward my car and saw Elaine standing alone behind the car with a "deer-in-the-headlights" reaction and her hands clutched to her chest (probably concealing the empty nail polish bottle).


Jason Rikard and Mike immediately went to the car where Jason touched the substance that had dripped onto the rear tail light, smearing it and getting some on his thumb. They ascertained the substance was fresh, wet nail polish. Larry, Bill Beeler, and others (I don't remember who) saw Elaine go to the garbage tote at the street and put something in it, saw her rummage through that same tote after the police were called, and saw her walk with her husband down the street where they easily could have discarded the empty bottle of nail polish.


Elaine and Noal forced their way through Mike and Jason at the door to get back into the meeting room, stating, "You can't keep us out." Elaine gathered her friends -- Jerrie Libby, Gail Thompson, and Taischa Thiara -- together with her in the kitchen and were there when the Yuba City police arrived and escorted her out of the building. Noal, Jerrie, Gail, and Taischa followed in single file.


The police interviewed Mike, Larry, and Elaine at the scene and instructed Larry to get an estimate for repairs. The estimate was $2,152.83 to repair the damage to the trunk, rear quarter panel, bumper, and tail light – a felony. YCPD Officer Jared Thornton wrote in his report:


Based on suspect statements, witness statements, and the evidence, I believed E. Miles maliciously defaced Virga’s vehicle. E. Miles was in violation of section 594(b)(1) PC. Recommendation: Case closed. Forward to the Sutter County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of an arrest warrant for Elaine Anne Miles for section 594(b(1) PC.“


August 4, 2014 was the last Sutter Buttes Tea Party meeting attended by Sutter County Central Committee members Elaine and Noal Miles, Gail Thompson, Taischa Thiara, Bob Mackensen, Rick and Jerrie Libby, Liz and Carl Cervantes, and Kim Ross-Pollard as well as some of their friends -- until Liz Cervantes became a candidate for Sutter County Supervisor District 5 and she and Carl, Elaine and Noal, and Taischa attended a meeting.   


Larry and I quit attending meetings of the Sutter County Republican Central Committee, Sutter County Taxpayers Association, and Sutter-Yuba Republican Women.  


Currently, Dottie van Eckhardt is president of the Sutter-Yuba Republican Women Federated.  Jerrie Libby is the Recording Secretary, and Elaine Miles continues as Parliamentarian.  In keeping with the old adage, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," Dottie and Elaine are now friends and introduced a revision to the Bylaws forbidding any Republican Woman from saying anything negative about any other Republican Woman.  The members passed the revision, approving censorship of themselves and each other.


I provided the Yuba City Police Department and the Sutter County District Attorney's Office with the names of the witnesses they had never contacted or questioned.  Still, none were contacted or questioned.


People vs. Elaine Miles, CRF-14-1785.  NO witness was called at Elaine's pretrial hearing January 16, 2015. Judge Perry Parker righteously discharged her for lack of evidence.  The judge's ruling was a verdict of the lack of evidence presented by the unprepared and incompetent District Attorney's Office.  There was no ruling on Elaine Miles' guilt or innocence.


After the hearing, there was a celebration party for Elaine at the Dancing Tomato. Stephanie Ruscigno posted a photo on Facebook of beaming Elaine and Noal, with the caption: “Isn’t love grand as decades go by? Celebrating justice done with friends” – with John Larimer and 16 others. The 16 others listed were: Kimberly Ross Pollard, Elaine Miles, Suzane Connelly, Taischa Thiara, Jay Grassel, Yvonne Henderson, Taryn Barbero, Robert Stark, Tej Maan, Tammy Harris, Bob van Oosterhout, Rebecca Jennings, Amanda Hopper, [the Sutter County District Attorney], Dottie van Eckhardt [SYRWF President], John Buckland, Karna Boyer.



Knowing Larry and I and other members of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party met every Saturday morning at Dancing Tomato for breakfast, Elaine and Noal started occasionally showing up and sitting at a table in the other room with a direct line of sight to us. The first photos I took of them were on January 24th, the first and only time Gail Thompson accompanied them. Elaine had the audacity to come to our table while Noal and Gail waited for her at the doorway.


c collage c Size 3


The Sutter County Republican Central Committee did nothing in the 2014 election to financially help any Republican candidate, not even SCRCC member Jason Rikard. In violation of SCRCC Bylaws which mandate “Any member who …vows preference for a current candidate of another party… shall be subject to the Committee’s action…,” Gail Thompson cheered for a non-Republican candidate inside the Republican Headquarters the night of the November 2014 election. Since Gail is a friend of Elaine Miles, who was once expelled from the Central Committee for violating the Bylaws when she donated to a local Democrat candidate, no action was taken regarding Gail's similar Bylaws’ violation.


Two days before the regularly scheduled Sutter County Republican Central Committee's monthly meeting March 5, 2015, Chairman Takhar canceled the meeting, claiming the board decided there wasn't anything to report. In what developed into increasingly contentious back-and-forth emails regarding another meeting cancelation and SCRCC’s routine and multiple violations of the Bylaws, I informed him and the other Committee members I still had not received a copy of the newly revised approved Bylaws I had requested several times from him and from Liz Cervantes, the Secretary, and that there was indeed something to report -- his budget was due no later than the March meeting and that on February 16, I sent a request to him for a copy of the Bylaws or to put the item on the March Agenda. He did not respond and canceled the March meeting. Secretary Liz Cervantes sent an email to me and asked, "What will it take to get you to resign?"


At the same time as the canceled SCRCC March meeting should have taken place, Chairman Takhar took a photo at the Refuge Restaurant, which he posted on SCRCC's Facebook page with the comment, "Great to see many of our members at the Refuge tonight!"


scrcc strategizing clique

Sutter County Central Committee "Get Together" in place of canceled regularly scheduled monthly meeting.   [Photo courtesy of Chairman Sarb Takhar.]

(L-R) Jerrie Libby, Stephanie Ruscigno (guest), Dr. Jay Grassell, Liz Cervantes, Carl Cervantes, Gail Thompson, Elaine Miles, Noal Miles.


The next Sutter County Republican Central Committee was April 5, 2015.  A member later informed me Liz Cervantes made a motion to expel me on the grounds I had missed too many meetings.  In violation of the Bylaws, I had not been notified such an action would take place.  Furthermore, there were other members who missed far more meetings than I had, including one who had not attended any meeting in over a year whom the majority of the Committee, including Elaine, Jerrie, Bob, and Gail voted to retain when I tried to get the roster cleared of dead weight so we would have active, participating members and be in compliance with the Bylaws.  The motion was seconded by Jerrie Libby, and the majority of the Committee approved expelling me.  Since I was no longer attending their meetings due to the constant conflict with Elaine and her cohorts, expelling me was purely ceremonial and for Elaine's benefit. 


There was an effort to expel Larry at a later meeting; but SCRCC did not have a quorum. He is, however, no longer mentioned in the Secretary’s Reports as a member, and both of us have been removed from the SCRCC - Members Only Facebook page.


Virga vs. Miles.  Since the Sutter County District Attorney's Office did not refile the felony vandalism case against Elaine Miles, I filed a civil suit against her for the vandalism in Small Claims Court. I sent what I was informed is a legally required demand letter, dated June 4, 2014, to try to settle out of court and save the court's time. In the two-page letter, I laid out the case with all the evidence and witnesses and concluded with:


Please send a check or money order for $10,000 (the limited allowable in small claims court) to me on or before June 19, 2015 ($2,152.83 to repair my car plus $7,847.17 for punitive damages for your malicious, felonious criminal act. If I don't receive payment by that date, I'll promptly file this case in small claims court where the testimonies of the multiple eye witnesses can (and will) finally be admitted in a Sutter County Court.


Elaine responded with denial to the required demand letter.  She was served July 2, 2014.


KrisAnne Hall, a Constitutional Attorney in Florida, was the guest speaker at Sutter Buttes Tea Party's July 4 celebration held July 6, 2015. She showed me text messages she received from Elaine Miles, a person she did not know, which contained defamatory comments about Larry, me, and the Sutter Buttes Tea Party:






Elaine sent a letter containing defamatory comments on July 5, 2015, to 78 addressees, with the title, "Virga Continual Harrassment," stating:


I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July. I know I and my family did. Because I did not want to take away from that National Holiday, I did not inform you of the most recent episode in the Virga/Miles conflict. I wish none of this were happening, but here we go.


Carla Virga sent a letter to me June 5, 2015, demanding $10,000, which I responded to denying her demand. At a July 2, Sutter County Republican Central Committee meeting last Thursday evening at the Yuba City Hall, Tom Burns, one of the Virga minions, tossed an envelope across two people, it landed in my lap and fell on the floor. Well, it was a small claims suit against me demanding $10,000 for "malice" and damage to her car. The court date is set for Thursday, August 13, 2015, at 9 a.m.


I am asking all of you to please put me in your prayers and to give me the support you have given me in the past to help me get through this seemingly unstoppable harassment and slander. I had hoped this would end with the January 16, 2015 hearing when the charges were dismissed.


Also, as a counter to what she is claiming, I need any of you who have experienced Carla's attacking tirades to please either commit to come to court for potential testimony and/or prepare a statement of the incident that I can submit to the court on August 13.


Those of you who were in attendance at the Sutter Buttes Tea Party on August 4, 2014, please document your memories of what occurred that evening so I may counter the exaggerated claims in her June 19, 2015 demand letter to me, i.e. that I was seen, "...loitering around the parking lot alone for thirty to forty minutes before...seen vandalizing my car." Also, a claim that the building has one-way glass on the windows.


I appreciate all your support and am thankful for your prayers. This situation should never have happened; I do not know what actually happened; I had thought it was over January 16, 2015. I pray that Carla gets some help, because these type of attacks have not occurred just once, but several times since I have met her.


VIRGA Continual Harassment???  In addition to the January 24, 2015, photos above of Elaine, Noal, and Gail coming uninvited to our table at the Dancing Tomato are photos taken on other occasions when we had access to a camera of Elaine and Noal coming to the Dancing Tomato on Saturday mornings, where and when they knew we would be there, and seated at the table with the best line of vision to us. Again, she came uninvited to our table and spoke to one of our members:




KrisAnne Hall was not the only person who sent me information of Elaine's defamatory statements. I considered filing a suit against her for defamation but decided to wait, since I was already asking for the maximum allowed in Small Claims Court for the vandalism.


Elaine Miles countersued, claiming defamation.  The cases, Virga vs. Miles and Miles vs. Virga, went before Judge Perry Parker on September 10, 2015. The courtroom was packed with Elaine's supporters, including Coleen Weckman (past SYRWF President), Shirley Henrikson (current SYRWF 1st VP), Barbara Back (SYRWF Corresponding Secretary), and some former SBTP members, including Robert Stark and former SBTP Steering Committee members Bob van Oosterhout, Jim Seif (and his wife), and Helena Shoup.


The first witness I called was Yuba City Police Officer Jared Thornton, who read from his written report. I then called Larry Mertz, Paul Preston, and Chary Dunn, who each testified they saw Elaine Miles standing alone behind my car (for a combined time period of about twenty to thirty minutes).


Mike Geraldo testified Elaine Miles, Noal Miles, and Gail Thompson were expelled from the SBTP Steering Committee and why. He also testified five days later he was looking out a window and saw Elaine Miles pour something on my car, saw her put something in the garbage can, saw her later rummage through that same garbage can before the police arrived, saw her walk down the street with her husband, and saw the nail polish was fresh when someone else touched it and got nail polish on his thumb. He choked up when he looked at the people in the gallery and lamented the loss of all his former friends who have turned against him because he tells the truth of what he witnessed.


Another witness, Bill Beeler, testified he saw Elaine Miles standing alone behind my car with her hands clutched to her chest when Mike Geraldo yelled out to her that he saw what she just did, and he also saw her at the garbage can.


Larry testified he saw Elaine put something into a garbage tote at the street and saw her later go through that same garbage can after he telephoned the police.


Elaine called her "witnesses" whose testimonies included:


Noal Miles, Elaine's husband, falsely testified:  1) all my witnesses lied, and only he and Elaine were telling the truth; and 2) he helped search for the empty nail polish bottle, saying he told Mike, "Let's look here; oh, let's look over here."  (Perhaps he pretended to help the police officers and Mike search knowing where he and Elaine had discarded the empty bottle, but he did not help those of us searching through bushes, ground covers, and garbage totes in the dark after everyone else had left the meeting.)


Gail Thompson, SCRCC member, testified before the car was vandalized, she tried to give the a letter signed by her, Noal, and Elaine to SBTP Steering Committee members telling us they were still members of the Committee even though they were each voted off the committee.


Jerrie Libby, SCRCC member, in order to admit their desperate false narrative that Elaine was innocent and set up by us, testified our car was always backed into a parking space, except that night, the car was not backed in. She also falsely testified she took photos of the car that night; when in fact, Elaine took the photos two weeks later.  (Mike Geraldo photographed Elaine taking the pictures two weeks after the vandalism while Jerrie waited in her car with the engine running.  Further proof Jerrie committed perjury would be the photos Jerrie produced compared with the photos the police took the night of the vandalism.)


Vicki Stevensen, in keeping with their false premise Elaine was set up, falsely testified she usually helped me at the registration table but I wouldn’t let her help me that night.  (Vicki attended meetings sporadically and could not be counted on to help on a regular basis. The night of the vandalism, she arrived about ten minutes before the meeting was to begin and tried to sit at the registration table. I told her Tammie -- who was getting me a cup of coffee -- was helping me.


Taischa Thiara, SCRCC member, falsely testified the color of the polish on the car was the same color I wear. (Due to a problem fingernail, I only have French manicures – white tips with clear polish.)  She surprisingly testified, "That's what we decided in one of our strategizing meetings."


Liz Cervantes, SCRCC Secretary, falsely testified I told her we were lying in wait for Elaine.


Stephanie Ruscigno was thrown under the bus when Elaine told the court the next witness did not want to testify and then called reluctant Stephanie to the stand.  Stephanie testified several of us went out after the meeting where the car was vandalized, and she heard Larry tell Mike we needed to get the appraisal over $2,000 so it would be a felony against Elaine.  (A felony consists of damages over $400.)


Stating I proved motive, opportunity, and means, Judge Parker ruled Elaine Miles GUILTY of vandalism and ordered her to pay damages and court costs. I was not awarded the punitive damages and later realized I made the costly mistake of not even mentioning punitive damages when I presented my case, relying solely on the papers I filed. I also made the costly mistake of not filing within the time limit for the expense of subpoenaing the YCPD officer to testify in court.


Elaine presented what she considered evidence of defamation in her countersuit against me. Since truthful and factual negative comments are not defamatory comments, Judge Parker ruled Carla Virga NOT GUILTY.


As they were leaving the courtroom, Pat Miller (SCTA President, SCRCC and SYRWF member, and former SBTP member) got in Mike Geraldo’s face and threatened, “You will be very sorry you did this.” Roberta Fletcher, a former SCTA member and one of Elaine’s friends, told him, “F--- you!”


The bailiff took charge and kept Larry and me in the courtroom until Elaine and her supporters left the second floor and then had another deputy escort us to our vehicle for our safety.


Elaine had 30 days to file an appeal, which she wisely chose not to do.  She mailed the court-ordered payment of $2,227.83 along with a taunting note to me:


I believe you and I both now that I did not put any substance on your car and you and I both know that your witness lied when he said I did. It was unfortunate for me that the judge believed his apparent lies. I feel like a winner because there are many, many good people who believe and support me. I was never arrested and have never been booked. My record is clear.


Sometime between Elaine Miles notification of the Small Claims suit until October 31, 2015, when I noticed the left side of my car was keyed, the car also had a flat tire caused by an embedded screw following a Saturday morning breakfast and a cracked windshield.  We thought we had the culprit who keyed the car, but Dancing Tomato's manager said she went through the surveillance tapes the morning the latest vandalism was noticed but didn't see anyone near my car that morning.


Elaine has successfully avoided criminal prosecution by her friend, Amanda Hopper, the Sutter County District Attorney.    Sutter County DA Amanda Hopper Refuses to Prosecute Elaine Miles for Felony Vandalism - Conflicts of Interest?


The Sutter County Republican Central Committee did nothing in the 2014 election to financially help any Republican candidate, not even SCRCC member Jason Rikard who unsuccessfully ran for Yuba City City Council and was narrowly defeated.  In fact, in violation of SCRCC Bylaws which mandate “Any member who …vows preference for a current candidate of another party… shall be subject to the Committee’s action…,” Gail Thompson cheered for a non-Republican candidate inside the Republican Headquarters the night of the November 2014 election. A friend of Elaine’s, who was once expelled from the Central Committee for violating the Bylaws when she donated to a Democrat candidate, no action was taken regarding Mrs. Thompson’s similar Bylaws’ violation.


After the deadline passed to register for a booth at the 2015 Yuba-Sutter Fair and assurance by a Y-S Fair representative that neither the Democrat nor the Republican Central Committees were having a booth in 2015, the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Executive Committee determined there needed to be a political presence at the Y-S Fair and approved for the expense for a booth.  SBTP's late entry was accepted.  The well-staffed "Liberty Booth" contained information about the State of Jefferson and the Sutter Buttes Tea Party; and we registered voters, gathered signatures on petitions, and provided copies of informational pamphlets -- Republican or Democrat?, Seal Team 6 Extortion 17, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA, and Illegal Immigration:  Foreign Invasion.


Sutter County Republican Central Committee VP Jerrie Libby sits on the Yuba-Sutter Fair Board; and although the deadline passed for a fair booth, the Sutter County Republican Central Committee had a booth after all, with great difficulty finding volunteers to staff it.


Sutter County Republican Central Committee’s website, created and maintained by Chairman Sarb Takhar, states, “The Sutter County Republican Party strives to keep you up to date about current issues in our community and beyond.” The last entry on the website was February 2014 -- over two years ago. If anyone is looking for SCRCC events, their website states: “No events yet.” The last post on their Facebook page, also set up and maintained by Chairman Sarb Takhar, was February 12, 2016, for their annual Lincoln Day Dinner, the one event they do to raise funds used primarily to pay for an accountant's monthly billings.


At a recent Sutter County Republican Central Committee meeting, Pat Miller encouraged members to attend the upcoming Yuba-Sutter Tea Party candidate debates being put on this year with the Sutter County Taxpayers Association. In the past, Sutter Buttes Tea Party allowed Sutter County Taxpayers Association to piggy back with our candidate events. Sutter Buttes Tea Party’s successful candidate events continue; and we wish the new alliance well, bless their hearts.


Sutter County Republican Central Committee and Sutter County Taxpayers Association members Elaine Miles, Pat Miller, and Jerrie Libby convinced SCRCC Secretary Liz Cervantes to run for Sutter County Supervisor, District 5.  Liz and her husband Carl attended the Sutter Buttes Tea Party's Candidate Debate with the candidates for Sutter County Supervisor Districts 1, 4, and 5 on April 18, 2016.  Elaine and Noal Miles attended, their first SBTP meeting since she vandalized my car.  In a gesture of let's put the past behind us and move on, Mike Geraldo extended his hand to Noal Miles.  Noal refused Mike's outstretched hand and threatened, "We will settle up later."


The election for new SCRCC members was the June 2016 primary.  Chairman Takhar was not re-elected to the Committee.  The same members who caused the divisiveness for many years are back in full control again for another four years, beginning January 2017.


January 2017 Update:  The Sutter Buttes Tea Party held a Deplor-A-Ball January 20, 2017, to celebrate Donald Trump's inauguration.  When SCRCC was informed of the upcoming event at their January meeting, Secretary Liz Cervantes told all assembled not to make plans, because "we are planning an event."  SCRCC held no event to celebrate the inauguration.










Steps Taken


Martin Luther King, Jr. wisely said:


Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.


Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.


In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.


Holocaust survivor Ellie Wiesel stated, "We must take sides.  Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.  Silence encourages the tormenter, never the tormented."

We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Elie Wiesel
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This website was created for informational purposes only, gifted to others in the knowledge 1) no one can dance with the devil and walk with God; and 2) the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

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Peace be with you.

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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
Read more at:
Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Read more at:
Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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